HJ BOTT ----- First an Overview

HJ (aka Harvey) Bott was born in Gill, Colorado, 1933, population less than 100, to first generation American parents of German/Russian descent.  He attended adult life-drawing classes each summer for five years at Greeley State College, starting at age 9, and was in his first  major two-person exhibit at Trinity University, at age 14, while also attending the Coppini Academy  for classical sculpture.

Upon completing high school in San Antonio, TX., he began a Tri-Coastal and European education process that included joint studies in art and cultural anthropology at Art Center College of Design and USC., Art Students League with graduate studies at NYU and Columbia; Dusseldorf  Kunstakademie, Bamberg Kunstschule, the University of Heidelberg, and others.
He has shown his work in exhibitions, ranging from a restroom in the bus station, Wendover, UT, 1952 (first solo), to galleries, art centers and museums principally in New York , Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Dusseldorf and Mexico City, among many other locations world wide. He has shown in over 80 solo exhibitions, 16 solo ROBOTT™ performances, 24 solo in-situ installations, more than 710 group gallery exhibitions, including 340 invitational survey shows. Over 65 public (museum, city & university) collections and 120 corporate collections include his work.  He has completed over 20 governmental commissions and over 160 private and corporate commissions.

His 3,000 sq/ft studio of 35 years, Bott's Blue-Barn-on-Barnes sat on a block in Houston's West End was demolished early June 2014 for townhouses. Storage will be via climate controlled PODS while continuing to paint in a bedroom converted to studio/library/office at
3700 W. Clay St., #235, Houston, TX 77019-3723

Bott's work is represented by 

 Anya Tish Gallery, 4411 Montrose, Houston, TX 77006          
        << >>            713.524.2299
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  SKILLS / GENRE                    

Currently involved with Painting, Reliefs and research & experiments  with the basic 20 universal scribbles and 17 primary placements (compositions), as recognized in all cultures throughout all recorded history.

Extensive model making and clay modeling skills with a very wide range of media, including electronics for a family of 16 performance ROBOTTs (1980's).

Many years of experience, clay and wax modeling (prior to foundry casting) preparing BAS-RELIEF plaques, including: seals, scenes and portraits of politicans, historical and sports figures, philanthropists and celebrities for fine art studio funds.


 Studies/Education and Training Data
    (frequent overlapping and alternating dates)

Art Studies:   (134 semester hours) 1948-1960

    Greeley State College, San Antonio College, Art Center College of Los Angeles, University of Southern California, Kansas State College, Institute of Fine Arts at New York University, Bamberg Kunstschule and Dusseldorf Kunstakademie, Germany.

Art Training/Assistantships:  1948 - 1960

   Coppini Academy, San Antonio, Tx; Jergenson Studios, North Hollywood, Calif.; Struther McMinn, El Segundo, Calif., studio assistant in design and painting; Anton Offenlaugh, Bamberg and Essen, Germany, sculpture studio and foundry assistant. Art Students League, NYC; Donald Bartlett, sculpture assistant at Texas A&I University, Kingsville, Texas;

Formal Academics: (373 semester hours) 1951 - 1962

   San Antonio College, Trinity University, University of Southern Calif., Kansas State College, New York University, University of Maryland in NYC and Germany, University of Heidelberg, Columbia University, Texas A&I University; 1959 Ph.D. candidate, Social Psychology-Cultural Anthropology from
Terminal Measures: BS, B.F.A., MS, M.F.A. watermarks basically bypassed, yet  culminating with an M.B.K. (Magistre der Bildhauer Kunste), in 1956, Bamberg-Dusseldorf Kunstakademie, German Federal Republic (post-MFA studio-arts degree in sculpture, equivalent of a non-studio PhD).

Harvey J. Bott (as known outside the "art-world")

2000 - 2004 Houston Community College
Central Campus, Fine Arts Center,
Visual Arts Department,
3517 Austin Street, Houston, Texas 7700

Adjunct Instructor (two classes per semester)
Sculpture I & II
Studio Internship (off campus)
Art Appreciation

1999 - 2003 Art League of Houston
1953 Montrose Boulevard, Houston, Texas

Adjunct Instructor  (one class per semester)
Advanced Problems in Perspective
( for architects, engineers and "mature" artists)
Visual Thinking
Fundamentals of Drawing I thru IV

1993 - 1999 Alfred C. Glassell School of Art
Museum of Fine Arts Houston, 5101 Montrose
Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77006

Adjunct Instructor (two classes per semester)
Drawing Fundaments :
I. Concentration Black & White)
II. Introduction to Color
III. Concentration:Perspective
IV. Drawing for Sculptors
Art Appreciation courses:
Learning How to See
Keeping a Journal

1977 - Present "Full-time" STUDIO artist, sculpture and
painting; contemporary gallery and museum orientation;
known as HJ BOTT, artist

Sept. '73 - Aug. '77 Program Founder/Director
Project A.R.T. (Art, Rehabilitation,Therapy)
Gulf Coast Regional Mental Health/Mental
Retardation Center
Galveston, Texas
Established "prototype" art therapy program, Incidental-Learning model. Ultra "dysfunctional" patient referrals, principal staffing via OJT with artists. Full community integration: c.b.d., professional art gallery, art library, artists' studios and living quarters, therapy studios and activity waiting rooms.

Sept. '69 - Sept. '73 Assistant Director
Service Computation Center,
University of Texas Medical Branch,
Galveston, Texas.
Functioned as an "in-house" management consultant: recruiting, testing, establishment of policies/procedures manuals, budget proposals for full implementation of university-wide computerization (pre-PC). Wrote first "Five Year (mainframe) EDP Plan" (therewith became University of Texas System model). Team Leader for "Systems" Programing.

Nov. '68 - Aug. '69 Sales Resolution Rep American Association of Institutional Development, NYC, NY.
Management consultation. Community problem-
solving assistance with small town (under 50,000 pop.)
banks and major corporate branch/factory operations, mid-American states.

Oct. '64 - Nov. '68 Director of Rehabilitation Services,
Goodwill Industries, San Antonio, Texas
Established "total" rehab center from zero: policies, procedures, staffing, systems analysis, budgets, grants, testing (psychometric thru biokinetic), skill and semi-skill training curriculum.

Also sub-contracted to Goodwill of America (for 18 months) as
National Rehabilitation Program Evaluator/Consultant

June '61 - Oct. '64 Employment Counselor & D.O.T Evaluator,
Bureau of Employment Security,
Philadelphia, and conscripted to the
Texas Employment Commission,
San Antonio, Texas
Nation-wide field research/analysis in task/aptitude testing with employers, co-ordinated with the "Dictionary of Occupational Titles".

San Antonio assignment: developed a proto-type middle school test-evaluation-counsel-training/referral program to augment high-school graduation program(s). Established 55 Parent/Teacher/Association endorsed middle school programs with services to three counties.

Job included a six month internship to work (temp.) for Senator H.H. Humphrey as a team, first draft Speech Writer & Employment Program Development Analyst.


Other Employment (most jobs concurrent with school and other employment):

Nov. 68 - May 69 Investment Salesman
United Savings Life Insurance Co., Dallas, Texas

Dec. 59 - May 61 Education Counselor & Psychometrician
Boy's City, Driscoll, Tx.

Jan. 60 - May 61 Sculpture Studio Instructor,
Dormitory Manager,
History Tutor,
Psychology Proctor/Tutor
Texas A&I University, Kingsville, Tx.

Sept. 59 - Dec. 59 Manager
Blue Nose Coffee House
(Beat entertainment, 137 different coffee drinks),
San Antonio, Texas

July 58 - Sept. 59 Patrolman
San Antonio Police Department

March 57 - July 58 Photographer, Employment Counselor
John Robert Powers Modeling Studios
NYC, San Antonio, Dallas, Shreveport

June 57 - June 58 Industrial Investigator
Texas Industrial Surveys, Inc.
San Antonio, Texas

Sept. 55 - July 56 Photographer,
Munich Press Service
West Germany

Sept. 55 - Feb. 57 Investigator/Indoctrination Specialist/
Propaganda Analyst

U.S. Army C.I.C. (Counter Intelligence Corp)

1946  thru 1960 Numerous very short-term, part-time jobs concurrent with school, studio activities and other employment: Counselor, Psychometrician ; Math, History, Art and Geometry Tutors, Bartender, Set Design Assistant, Photographer, Model Maker, Busboy, Autobody Repair Assistant ; and, Retail Salespersons: Hobby Shop, Automotive Speed Equipment, Grocery, Camera, Ice-House and Toy; .

1948 thru 1952 Owner/Operator/Model Maker
Miniature Builders, Inc.
Four to six part-time employees. Built scale model homes, buildings and sub-divisions for architects and real estate developers, private and governmental.



   Margaret Jane Deats, May 27, 1970 - Present

      Pamela Jean Hutto, November 22, 1961 & formally to 
                                   February 22, 1966 though ended                                                                            10/65
     Virginia Rae Gilbert, September 14, 1958-February22,
                                                      1961 (died 1-87)
     one daughter: Gretchen Bott George (July 9, 1959 -
                                                      October 5, 1994)

  U.S. Army, RA18443640
1953-56 with six months extension. 
Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC),
Indoctrination/Propaganda Specialist

Training: Leadership School, OCS, Intelligence Indoctrination, Airborne/Ranger, Social Psychology and Cultural Anthropology
Ph.D. program at various universities in the USA and
the German Federal Republic via the military.
"Outstanding Leadership" and "Trainee" Awards and "Commendation Award" with medal pendant. 


                         COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARDS

 "Governor's Citation,"  State of New York, from Governor Nelson Rockefeller,for excellence in contributions to youth and the underprivileged.    1959

 "Aesthetic Excellence," Alpha Chi National Society Office, for "Voluntary lecture contributions with community organizations, colleges and universities." 1961

 "Vice Presidential Citation," from Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson for "valuable contributions to young people seeking employment." 1962

 "Vice Presidential Citation," from Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson for "contributions to college art students."  1962

 "Vice Presidential Citation," from Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey for outstanding contributions in youth work and for the underprivileged 1965

 "Vice Presidential Citation," from Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey for excellence in work with the underprivileged. 1966

 "Vice Presidential Citation," from Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey for excellence in youth activities.  1967

 "Governor's Citation,"  State of Texas, from Governor John Connally, for "outstanding work rendered in the interest of the handicapped." 1967

 "Governor's Citation,"  State of Wisconsin, from Governor Jack B. Olson, for  contributions to underprivileged college students.  1967

 "New York Tribute," Jewish Vocational Services for "excellence in programming and lecture/workshop activities."  1967

 "Vice Presidential Citation," from Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey for outstanding contribution to youth and the handicapped. 1968

 "Governor's Citation,"  State of Texas, from Governor John Connally, for outstanding merit in programs to assist youth the handicapped and the underprivileged.  1968

 "Presidential Citation,"  from President Lyndon Baines Johnson, for excellence in programs for youth, the handicapped and the underprivileged.  1968

 "National Humanist Tribute," Jewish Vocational Services, for "notable innovation in multiple disciplines for the enrichment of all peoples."   1969

 "Meritorious Service Award,"  The United States Civil Service Commission, Dallas Region, for "exceptional contributions in the field of Task Analysis and Job Restructuring for Hospitals."  1972

 "Management Sciences Honor," Advanced Technology Institute," Control Data Corporation, for "leadership, unselfish contributions, and initiative in the development of principals for job enrichment and task simplification."  1972



2012 Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, San Antonio, Texas
Gallery 4, "Juxtaposition of 1970s with 2012" paintings
curated by Bill Fitzgibbons 

2012 Anya Tish Gallery, Houston, Texas
"HJ Bott: Rhythm and Rhetoric"
all new Systemic Lineation paintings
curated by Anya Tish and Anne Simpson

2012 Galveston Art Center, Galveston Island, Texas
"HJ Bott: A 40-Year Celebration" 
"Selected Works, 1972-2012"
paintings, sculpture, reliefs and a ROBOTT™
curated by Clint Willour

2012 River Oaks Books, Houston, Texas
first "official" book signing of the monograph
"hj Rhythm and Rhetoric" by Casey Stranahan
Forward by Jim Edwards, Preface by Kelly Klaasmeyer,
Epilogue by Catherine Anspon; celebrating 40 years
of the DoV System Concepts 

2012 Longview Museum of Fine Arts
"HJ Bott: Paradigms Lost" paintings and sculpture
concentration of socio-political works since 1972

2012 Kirk Hopper Fine Art, Dallas, Texas
"Noted Space" New basic scribble paintings
curated by Liliana Bloch

2010 Anya Tish Gallery, Houston, Texas
"HJ Bott: Paradigms in Paint and Wire"
curated by Anya Tish and Sharon Neyland

2006 Sicardi Gallery, Houston, Texas
" Raising the Line," wood reliefs, curated by Maria Ines
Sicardi, catalog by Bill Davenport

2005 Tomball College, Tomball, Texas
"A DoV Overview," curated by Earl Staley

2003 Wells Fargo Plaza, City Gallery, Houston, Texas
"HJ BOTT Solo Survey," curated by Rainey Knudson
surveying paintings and reliefs from the past 30 years

 2003 Sicardi Gallery, Houston,Texas
"Dividing the Line," tape drawings from 1952, curated by
Maria Ines Sicardi, catalog by Mary Leclére, MFAH; drawing from the entrance portfolio for Art Center School of Los Angeles ( now Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA)

2002  Chinese Community Center, Houston, Texas
Light installation chamber, HHC sponsored. 
Such installations also shown at Project Row Houses,2001; Foto Fest 2002, HCC and Mother Dog Studios 2002 (solo installations, not solo venue functions)

Paintings, sculpture and constructions (curated by Clint Willour) in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Harvey J. and Margaret (Dee Dee) Bott with catalogue design by Jim Ellis; essays by Clint Willhour, Catherine Anspon and Margaret Bott

1997 NEW GALLERY, Houston, Texas;
"Dance-of-Values: Toyz'n Us;" Archetype series constructs (principally from toys) celebrating the 25th year of the DoV System Concepts

1996 LESLIE GALLERY, Galveston, Texas;
"HJ Bott: Recent Work;" large "flight" and "wire" works

1996 ART LEAGUE OF HOUSTON, Sculpture Court, Houston,
Texas; "... all of a different stripe;" eight large, striped Archetyped DoV modules in Tobinite, bender-board, ply-board, wire mesh and acrylics

1995 SAN ANTONIO COLLEGE, Visual Arts & Technology Center
Upper Galleries; San Antonio, Texas; "HJ BOTT"
Grid-Lock Series, DoV; 14 paintings and 4 sculptures, with lecture

1994 SALLY K. REYNOLDS, Dealer in Fine Art; Houston, Texas;
"Recent Systemic Structures," nine Tobinite™/wire mesh

1994 EL PALOMAR Mexican Restaurant, Houston, Texas;
"Pretentiously Preposterous Precious Pretties," environment
with 200+ Kitsch Kiss "jewelry" pieces, drawings and
neon lighting (etc.); with catalogue.

Silver Spring, Maryland; "Waves;" Tobinite™, wire mesh sculpture curated by Carol Sky, with lecture

Statesboro, Georgia; "P-COF;" acrylic/canvas paintings and constructions, with lecture

1987 STILL ZINSEL GALLERY, New Orleans, Louisiana;
"Bott Burds;" Tobinite™, wire mesh and bronze sculpture
curated by Sam Still and Suzanne Zinsel

1987 ASTROWORLD, Skyneedle Stage, Houston, Texas;
"DoV Z ROBOTTs," performance

1987 THE SPACE, Houston, Texas;
"The Glazed Series;" acrylic glazes/canvas paintings

"Art and Technology," ROBOTT performance and multi
media lecture

1986 NIMBUS GALLERY, Dallas, Texas;
'And Bott, Of Course!;" glazed paintings, assemblages and sculpture
curated by Carol Everingham

1985 CONTEMPORARY ARTS CENTER, New Orleans, Louisiana;
"DoVZ ROBOTTs;" mixed media with electronics sculpture, panel discussion with participants of Electronic Visions II

1984 FRED M. ABRAMS FINE ART, Houston, Texas;
paintings and Kitch-Kiss wall installation

1983 UNIVERSITY OF ST. THOMAS, Link Lee Mansion Gallery,
Houston, Texas; "DoVZ ROBOTTs;" mixed media with electronic sculpture and conceptual drawings and acrylic paintings, curated by Nancy Jersick, Ph.D.; with lecture

1983 UNIVERSITY OF ST. THOMAS, Jones Hall, Houston, TX;
"ROBOTT OPERA: A Time Warp Newscast;" 16 mixed media
with electronic sculpture parabots in performances with
accompanying multi media slide presentation. Sets by Jack
Boynton, narration and ROBOTT voices by Houston art
leaders, mimes by University of St. Thomas students; with
 "computer runsheet" program

1982 MACHORRO GALLERY, Houston, Texas;
"Monochrome Paintings," 1977 79; thirteen acrylic/canvas

 1982 BECHTEL GROUP, Houston, Texas;
mixed group of eleven major paintings from eight
different series. Pioneered the first art exhibition at this
corporation in a lobby of museum proportions, w/ lecture

1981 BLUE BARN ON BARNES, Houston, Texas;
Five experimental multi media performances with the
growing DoVZ robotts (4 performances in one weekend)
with programs

1981 KNUDSON FINE ARTS, Houston, Texas;
"DoV-Z ROBOTT Birthday Performance" (commissioned by Sally Reynolds) with television coverage by Houston's ABC affiliate, Channel 13.

1981 DoV SYSTEMS UNLIMITED, Houston, Texas;
"ROBOTT Reflections: 1980-'81;" three multi media ROBOTT 
performances in a two week period with program

1981 GRAHAM GALLERY, Houston, Texas;
"Black, White, Silver, Grey;" Gritch Series; etched relief paintings, curated by William A. Graham

1980 BLUE BARN ON BARNES, Houston, Texas;
"ROBOTT Future Bowl I;" five experimental multi media
performances with the growing DoV-Z family of ROBOTTs
and NRC series constructs with program for "Super Bowl"

1979 BIENVILLE GALLERY, New Orleans, Louisiana;
"Cubic Series;" DoV constructs and drawings

1978 TEXAS A & I UNIVERSITY, Frank C. Smith Fine Arts Center,
Kingsville, TX; "Monochrome & Color Change," (part 3) acrylic paintings curated by Richard Schapareel

1978 CHARLTON GALLERY, San Antonio, Texas;
"DoV Monochrome Series' (Part 4), acrylic paintings curated
by Ann Charlton Alexander

1978 COLLEGE OF THE MAINLAND, Fine Arts Center,
Texas City, Texas; "DoV Post Conceptual Environments, Archetypes In Situ," with lecture; curated by Carol Sky

Atrium II, Bayou Building, Houston, Texas;
"DoV Concept, Process Perceptions;" drawings and
environmental installation

"Drawings and Sculpture," 15 DoV series examples curated
by Charles Hooks and Thomas V. Robinson; with catalog

1977 UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, Fine Arts Gallery,
Columbia, MI; "Post Conceptual Process Perception," sculpture
installations, three DoV series, with lecture

1977 7E7 GALLERY, Lawrence, Kansas;
"Intimate Bronzes and Studies for Large Sculpture," Five
DoV Series

1977 LOFT ON STRAND GALLERY, Galveston Island, Texas;
"DoV Anniversary V," Monochrome Series, Part One,
paintings, & constructs

1977 BIENVILLE GALLERY, New Orleans, Louisiana;
"DoV Monochromes," (Part Two), paintings

1977 WORKS, San Jose, California;
"Post Conceptual Environment, In Situ, DoV Environment"

1976 LOFT-ON-STRAND GALLERY, Galveston Island, Texas;
"New Work:" Displacement of Volume Concept: in Gallery I
Large and intermediate sculpture, in Private Showing
Gallery "Intimate Bronzes & Reliefs," in Gallery II
"Conceptual & Cord Installation," Gallery III

1976 VINCENT MANN GALLERY, New Orleans, Louisiana;
"Intimate Bronzes," five DoV sculpture series; co-ordinated 
with "International Sculpture Conference, 1976"

1976 AMARILLO ART CENTER, Amarillo, Texas;
"Large Outdoor Work and Concept Studies;" large DoV
sculpture, related maquettes, large charcoal and vasaline
drawings on linen

1976 LOFT ON STRAND GALLERY, Gallery II, Galveston Island,
Texas; "New Works on Canvas," mixed media DoV Drawings

1975 PRIVATE SHOWING GALLERY, Galveston Island, Texas;
"Museum Preview," DoV sculpture

1975 BEAUMONT ART MUSEUM, Beaumont, Texas;
"Sculpture by H.J. Bott," four DoV sculpture series curated
by Betty Hirsch, with catalog

Shreveport,La; "Large Outdoor Work & Intimate Studies," 
DoV sculpture

1975 VINCENT MANN GALLERY, New Orleans, Louisiana;
"Recent Work, Concept to Object;" DoV sculpture, paintings,
drawings and assemblage

1974 LOFT ON STRAND INC., Galveston Island, Texas;
"HJ Bott, Works In A Total Atelier, Tejas SOHO," sculpture,
paintings, assemblage, 1958 thru 1968

1974 GALVESTON ARTS CENTER, Galveston Island, Texas;
"Nine New Pieces," six DoV series in sculpture, assemblage
and a performance/environmental installation

1974 ROSENBERG LIBRARY, Harris and Wortham Galleries,
Galveston Island, Texas; "Early Works;" "Tom Chambers Looks at HJ Bott sculpture, a photo essay;" "New DoV Series;" sculpture, paintings, assemblages curated by John Hyatt

1974 McNAMARA O'CONNER MUSEUM, Victoria, Texas;
"Early Bronzes;" 1960s sculpture

1973 LOFT ON STRAND, INC., Galveston Island, Texas;
"Museum Preview," sculpture and paintings, 3 DoV series

"HJ Bott Sculpture, 1972 and 1974;" three DoV Series with catalog

1973 SOL DEL RIO GALLERY, San Antonio, Texas;
"Homage to the Architectonic;" Three DoV sculpture series

Medical Library, Galveston Island, Texas;
"Sheetrock Works: Homage to the Architectonic;" sculpture,
first DoV Solo exhibition, curated by Lee Jones with catalog

1971 LOFT ON STRAND, INC., Galveston Island, Texas;
"Moving Next Door;" sculpture, paintings, assemblages,
drawings from the 1960s

1970 CAROL LANE GALLERY, Houston, Texas;
"Fetal Forms," bronze sculpture from the 1960s

1969 ST. MARY'S UNIVERSITY, San Antonio, Texas;
"Fetal Forms," bronze sculpture

1968 GALERIA SONNASON (marti's), Nueva Laredo, Mexico;
"Spheres;"  cord and polyester resin sculpture

1968 L'ATELIER, San Antonio, Texas;
"New Bronzes," sculpture

1967 GATEHOUSE, San Antonio, Texas;
"The Validity of Pop Art;" assemblages

1968 L'ATELIER, San Antonio, Texas;
"All New Stuff," sculpture, paintings, drawings

1968 DEL MAR COLLEGE, Fine Arts Center, Corpus Christi,
Texas; Pop Constructs, '59 '67, assemblages

1966 WONDERLAND ART GALLERY, San Antonio, Texas;
"Harvey Bott," sculpture, paintings, assemblages and drawings

1966 ST. MARY'S UNIVERSITY, Fine Arts Center, San Antonio,
Texas; "Paintings and A Few Drawings"

1965 DUNCAN GALLERIES, Paris France;
"Fetal Forms," bronze sculpture

1964 ADG ARTS, INC., New York, NY;
"New Realism Pop Art;" sculpture, assemblages, paintings

"Etched Work H. J. Bott," acrylic on masonite paintings

" Stations of the ARSE," 12 figurative cigarette-butt assemblages 

German Federal Republic; "Vorzug von das Kunstler," drawings and wax maquettes

1956 DUSSELDORF KUNSTHALLE, Dusseldorf, German Federal
Republic; "Plastik Reisestipeduim," sculpture and drawings

1956 UNIVERSITY OF HEIDELBERG, German Federal Republic;
"Plastik und Malenerei von das Bamberg Kunstler," 
sculpture and paintings

1955 BAMBERG KUNSTSCHULE, Bamberg, Germany;
"Vorzug von das Kunstler," drawings and wax maquettes

1952 Bus Station Restrooms, Wendover, Utah (outside the Salt
Flats) Nude drawings with Salt Flat cars and auto tools. First solo


Two Person Exhibitions
(work shown indicated for HJ Bott only)

2000 ARTSCAN GALLERY, Houston, Texas;
International Sculpture Symposium, "Houston 2000" with
Andrew Groocock, ... all of a different stripe; eight large,
striped Archetyped DoV modules in Tobinite, bender-
board, ply-board, wire mesh and acrylics

1976 JOHNSON WHITTY GALLERY, New Orleans, Louisiana;
"Kim Strommen & H.J. Bott," intimate bronzes and sheetrock

1969 LATCH STRING GALLERY, Ft. Worth, Texas;
"H.J. Bott & Trudy Sween," small bronze and wire sculpture

1968 GALERIA SONNASON, Mexico City, Mexico;
"Dos Norteamericanos," with Richard Santos, paintings and

1967 TEXAS A & I UNIVERSITY, Frank C. Smith Fine Arts Center, Kingsville, Texas; "Bott & Ortiz," paintings and assemblages

1967 VILLITA ASSEMBLY HALL, San Antonio, Texas;
Decorator's Showcase, Paul Anderson Company features
"H.J. Bott and Bill Demaree," sculpture

1966 BARRET'S, San Antonio, Texas;
"Peterson & Bott," paintings, drawings and sculpture

1965 LUCIA & ASSOCIATES GALLERIES, Richardson, Texas;
"Abstracts by Bott & McGown," paintings and assemblages

1964 LUCIA REFOY GALLERY, Dallas, Texas;
"Two: Painting and Sculpture," with Walter McGown,
sculpture and relief paintings

1963 KING PHILLIP V ART GALLERY, San Antonio, Texas;
"H.J. Bott and Gibbs Millikin," sculpture

"Featured Artists," with Walter McGown, paintings and

1959 THIRD AVENUE CO OP, New York, NY;
"Brewster & Bott," drawings, paintings and assemblages

1957 ART HAPPENS CO OP, New York, NY;
"Assemblages" with Georgia Hazelwitz

1956 UNIVERSITY OF HEIDELBERG, German Federal Republic;
"Zwei: Bott und Kurbels," small sculpture and drawings

"Harvey Bott & Stanley Mott,"  plaster works and tape drawings

1948 TRINITY UNIVERSITY, San Antonio, Texas;
"Grote & Bott," drawings and architectonic constructions


(work shown indicated for H J Bott only)

2010 ANYA TISH GALLERY, Houston, Texas
with Garland Fielder and George Grochocki:"Three in 3-D"
two recent reliefs and two Wire Werks

1999 ARTSCAN GALLERY, Houston, Texas; "SYSTEMS,"
with Don Foster and Christopher Tribble; Systemic DoV
Structures, Tobinite/wire mesh sculptures including a
sound/light/sculpture installation

1974 COLLEGE OF THE MAINLAND, Texas City, Texas;
"3 Sculptors" with Bob Fowler and Ron Sullivan; four DoV
series, relief and floor sculpture

1967 INDEPENDENTS' GALLERY, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin;
"Herr & Bott & Herr," assemblages

1967 LATCH STRING GALLERY, Ft. Worth, Texas;
"Wall Works" with David Addicks and Richard Lincold,
surreal reliefs

1967 FINDLAY (David) GALLERY, New York, NY;
"Sculpture Group," with Miguel Berrocal and Louis Bancel,
bronze fetal forms

1966 CAPE COD ART ASSOCIATION, Hyannis, Massachusetts;
"Surreal Sculpture Today,' with Peter Agostini and Gerard
Singer; bronze and epoxy fetal forms

 1966  2719 GALLERY, Dallas, Texas;
"Three With Golden Section," with two California artists,
etched relief paintings

"3 D Surrealism," with David Packard and Harry Kramer,
bronze fetal forms

1965 LIGOA DUNCAN, New York, NY;
"Invitational," with Ted Golubie and Minna Citron, etched
paintings and tape drawings

1964 RIVERVIEW GALLERY, St. Louis, Missouri;
"New York Invitational," co-op gallery, with Jane Wilson and
Israel Levitz, assemblages and geometric paintings

1963 ADG ARTS, INC., New York, NY;
"Gallery Collects Three," with Milton Resnick and William
Gambini, four floor and wall assemblages

1963 DUNCAN GALLERIES, Paris, France;
"Surrealist Sculpture," with Rudolf Bolling and Philippe

1963 LUCIA REFOY GALLERY, Dallas, Texas;
"Refoy Family Favorites," with Alice Mason and George
Ortman, etched geometric acrylic paintings on masonite

1962 SOUTH PLAINS COLLEGE, Levelland, Texas;
"Architectural Reliefs," with two architects

Colorado; "European Influences," with Phillip Pavia and Wessel
Couzijn; stylized geometric figurative sculpture

1960 TEXAS A & I UNIVERSITY, Art Department, Kingsville,
Texas; "Teacher, Assistant, Student," with Don Bartlett and Sam
(Calvin) Smith; drawings, plaster maquettes and winning
colossus cartoon for Kleberg Park Play Sculpture competition

"Three New Faces," with Minna Citron and Dody Muller,
spherical assemblages and etched paintings

NY; "Three Styles," with Ruth Kligman and Earl Kerhan, very
minimal geometric paintings, Comic Series

1956 BAMBERG KUNSTLER, Dusseldorf Bamberg Kunstakademie,
Bamberg, German Federal Republic; "Plastik," with Anton Offenlaugh and unrecalled student, plaster figures

Federal Republic; "Drie Bildnerisch," with Nicholas Schoffer and George Zongolopoulos, spherical cord assemblages

"Floor and Wall Reliefs," with David Hare and Peter J. Grippe,
wooden constructions and etched masonite


(work shown for H J.Bott only)

1981 GRAHAM GALLERY, Houston, Texas;
"Constructivists," with Jean Gorin 1899, Cesar Domela
1900, Jean Helion 1904, H.J. Bott 1933, etched paintings,
drawings and constructions

"Gallery Artists," with Tony Robbin, Richard Schwedler, Jane
Kauffman, paintings and drawings

1974 LOFT ON STRAND GALLERY, Galveston, Texas;
"4 x 4 x 4 x 4," with Michael Tracy, Scot Clepper and Jean
Wetta, drawings with petroleum jelly on linen

1968 FINDLAY (David) GALLERY, New York, NY;
"Sculpture Group," with Joachim Berthold, Barbara Hepworth
and Henry Moore, bronze fetal forms

1967 2719 GALLERY, Dallas, Texas;
"Four Painters," with Darlene Jellerson, John Guerin and Paul
Maxwell, etched geometric acrylic paintings on masonite

1967 GALERIA SONNASON (Marti's), Nueva Laredo, Mexico;
"New Work," with Richard Martinez, Jose Ortega and Alicia
Penalba, spherical cord and epoxy assemblages

1966 CUSHING MEMORIAL GALLERY, Newport, Rhode Island;
"A Sixties View," with Ira Horwitz, Richard Karwoski and
Martin Pajeck, glazed and etched paintings

1966 HACKLEY ART GALLERY, Muskegon, Michigan;
"Michigan Collects," with Harry Bertoia, Etienne Martin and
Gio Pomodoro, groups of bronze fetal forms

CA; "Acquisition Invitational," with Duayne Hatchett, Gary Kuehn
and David Weinrib, one assemblage

"Juried Award Exhibitions," with persons unknown, bronze
fetal forms

"Mixed Media", with Chicago area artists, hard edged
polychromed constructions of etched work on masonite

1964 ADG ARTS, INC., New York, NY;
"Neo Constructivism," with Joan Danziger, Samuel Holvey
and Gary Kuehn, glazed paintings & etched masonite

Michigan; "Sculpture Now," with Raoul Hague, Gabriel Kohn and David Slivka; etched masonite assemblages

"Recent Work," with Ivan Kozaric, Joan Mathews and Jane
Wilson, stylized surreal figures and portrait busts

1962 DUNCAN GALLERIES, Paris, France;
"Critics Choose Sculpture," with Robert Muller, Jaap Mooy
and Reinhoud (d'Haese), two surreal reliefs and etched
geometric reliefs, the Comic Series

1962 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR, Washington, D.C.;
"New Acquisitions," with Grace Hartigan, Wolf Kahn and
Nicholas Maricano, two "small" hard edged paintings

1961 MADISON GALLERY, New York, NY; "Different Styles Today," with Una Hanbury, Robert Sivard and Ruth Vodicka, etched masonite assemblages and corded spheres

1959 KANSAS STATE COLLEGE, Manhattan, Kansas;
"Drawing Invitational;" no record of other artists

1958 BATTLE CREEK CIVIC ART CENTER, Battle Creek, Michigan;
"New Wave Sculpture," with Sidney Geist, Robert Mallary and
Abram Schlemowitz, pop type assemblages

"From New Collections," with Milton Resnick and Taro
Yamomoto; two hard edge painted reliefs and one etched
masonite construction

1956 BAMBERG KUNSTSCHULE, Bamberg, German Federal
Republic; and traveled to KUNSTHALLE KOLN, Cologne, German Federal Republic; translated: "Four Young Sculptors in Europe," with Fred Perrin, Emile Souply and Sime Vulas, neo classical plaster figures

1955 KUNSTVEREIN AKADEMIE, Dusseldorf, German Federal
Republic; translated: "Changing Sculpture Styles," with Sergio Camargo, Yves Trudeau and Mary Vieira, neo classical plaster figures

1954 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, Fine Arts Library, New York, NY
"Four Painters," with Wolf Kahn, Emily Mason and Felix
Pasilis, hard edge painting on pedestal type forms with
"large" tape drawings


VERY Selected Group Exhibitions

 William Reaves Fine Art, Houston, 2014; "Bayou City Chic" Progressions of Modern Art In Houston, 1950 - 1980

Anya Tish Gallery, Houston, 2013; "No Time Like the Present"

      McClain Gallery, Houston, Texas, 2012; "In Plain             Sight" organized by Aaron Parazette

       Art Museum of South East Texas, 2011Beaumont, Texas "Obsessive Worlds"curated by Sarah Hamilton

    Anya Tish GalleryHouston, TX, 2005, 2011, 2013

     Sicardi GalleryHouston, TX, 2005 & 2006


     Art Gallery, Houston Community College, Central

     Houston, TX, 2002 & 2009


      Project Row Houses, Edition 13; Houston, Texas,            2001


       ArtScan Gallery, Houston, Texas, 1999 & 2000


       Mother Dog Studios, Houston, Texas, 2000 & 2002


       Artful Garden, Houston, Texas, 2000


       Community Artists Collective, Houston, Texas;

        1998 & 1999


Lawndale Art Center

   Houston, Texas, 1989, 1995, 1999


Davis/McClain Gallery at Pennzoil Place,

         Houston, Texas, 1995


Transco Tower Gallery,

    Houston, Texas; 1994, 1995, 2006

    curated by Sally Sprout


Infinite Airport, Arena Productions

         Houston & Beaumont, Texas, 1994


“Artists’ Progress,”  1993

    Glassell School, Museum of Fine Arts Houston

           & 1994, 1996; curated by David Brauer


Art LA ’90. Galerie Muhlenbusch

         Los Angeles, California, 1990


Galerie Muhlenbusch-Winkelmann

         Dusseldorf, Germany, 1989 & 1990


Condeso/Lawler, Ltd.

    New York, NY, 1989


Crocker Art Museum

   Sacramento, California, 1986


Junior Arts Center

   Los Angeles, California, 1986


 Madison Art Center

   Madison, Wisconsin, 1985


Fine Arts Museum of the South,

         Mobile, Alabama, 1984


Montgomery Museum of Art

         Montgomery, Alabama, 1984


Jan Cicero Gallery

   Chicago, Illinois, 1982, 1984


Roots Art Center, Hamilton College

         Clinton, New York, 1979


Contemporary Arts Museum

         Houston, TX, 1979 & 1985


Alessandra Gallery

   New York, NY, 1977


Dallas Museum of Art

   Dallas, TX 1976


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